Road Events
Road Events

The road is a dangerous place. All sorts of trouble will come find you as you make your way to scenarios. If you keep your wits about you and you’re ready to give some bandits a what-for when they come asking for trouble then you’ll be just fine with road events.

When to do a road event

You only need to do a road event when you head from Gloomhaven to a scenario, or when you head from one scenario to another one that are not linked. You’ll know if scenarios are linked because it’ll tell ya in the top corner of the scenario book.

You don’t have to do the linked scenario right away, you can come back here to the shop in between, but that means when you travel back to that second linked scenario you will have to do another road event.

You don’t do a road event when travelling from a scenario to Gloomhaven. And you don’t do a road event when the scenario you’re going to is within Gloomhaven.

No need for a road event if you’re just heading down to the docks, only when you’re heading out of the city.

That means if you’re going from one unlinked scenario to another, you might as well pop by the shop and say hello because you’ll be needing to do another road event anyhow. At least if you swing by Gloomhaven you can also do a city event.

You could find it quite lucrative, and end up a few coins closer to getting that item I know you’ve had your eye on.

How to do a road event

When you’re starting out, only use road event  cards 0-30. Don’t go shuffling the whole deck, you’ll find yourself with a massive mess on your hands that needs sorting. Not to mention a whole whack of problems in there that you shouldn’t have to worry about. (At least, not yet)

There’s information on both sides of the cards, one has the situation and the other has the answers. Keep the answers face-down and give them cards a good mixin’. Pick one at random, then read it out. Once your party has agreed upon one of the options you can go ahead and flip it over to see what happens.

Strategy for road events

Hey, if I could make the roads perfectly safe for you, I would… But that just ain’t the world we live in. There’s trouble outside these walls, and more than a few willing volunteers to make your purse lighter. But let me give you a bit of advice to make those road events a bit easier.

Think about what your character would do. Naw, that’s not some fluffy existential perspective. That’s genuine gold I just gave you. If you can get an understanding for how your character operates and what their motivation is, then making these decisions comes easy. If you’re playing an Inox, you’re much more likely to punch a road bandit in the mouth than you are to use diplomacy to find a solution. At the same time, a Vermling might use a bit more patience, because he’s a much squishier character. But, it’s a team decision, so you’ll have to work that out between ya’s.

Consider your reputation. Is it good, bad, or neutral? If those same bandits come by and your party’s reputation is bad, you might find you’ve got more in common than you first thought, and get along with them quite well. If your reputation is really good they may not want to fight you! In which case, tell them to kick rocks (or lighten their purses). And if it’s neutral… well, if it’s neutral you gotta read the room a bit.

Be consistent. This holds true to understanding who your character is. If you’re gonna be a baddy, then be a baddy. If you’re gonna be good, then be good. But for the love of the Great Oak, don’t be wishy washy. There’s no point in robbing people one day only to have a change of heart and give it back to them the next…

Pick your camp.

Now go on and get out there where the adventure is.

Don’t forget to get that prosperity up.

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