How To Avoid Spoilers
How To Avoid Spoilers

Still early on in your journey, eh?
You’d best be on guard then. Not just for the darkness that seems to have settled over this city, but for the spoilers that lurk around every corner. Be careful when you’re out there reading up on our fine city of Gloomhaven. Avoiding spoilers will preserve the tale and plot details for you. The fun in the adventure comes from not knowing what lies on the road ahead, and if you let your guard down you might read or hear something you’d wish you hadn’t read or heard! With that in mind, here are some tips for for avoiding spoilers.

Stay away from Google Images

There are more than a few inquisitive travellers early on their journey that’ve been burned by Google Images. Related Images is a killer for spoilers. Scroll too far on a search you think is safe like “painted Cragheart” and you’ll find yourself staring at a painted Sun Class or painted Music Note.

Stick to moderated communities

This here is a spoiler-safe shop. If I start talking about something other than the starting 6 or the Black Barrow then I’m gonna letcha know in advance. You can read articles here to your heart’s content, just pay attention to the spoiler warnings and you’ll be fine.

There are some other interesting places to explore more information without worrying about coming across plot twists that lie ahead.

The Gloomhaven subreddit is a great one. Loads of good information on there, from FAQs to painted characters. Classes are only referred to as their symbols, and anything level 2 and up is marked with a spoiler tag and “!”. They’re good folk over there.

Board Game Geek has some really good material, but you need to make sure you’re aware of what the subject is. I’ve seen a few titles for threads that give away class information, so be sure to tread carefully.

Don’t scroll through hashtags.

It’s anarchy some places out there. Scrolling through #Gloomhaven on any social media platform is just asking to see unlockable characters, new enemy details, and story spoilers!

Be careful with Global Events

Just because you’ve got a location on your map doesn’t mean you can just bowl up to that spot and pick a fight. There are certain global events that you’ll need to have completed (or NOT completed) before you can start a scenario.

This causes problems because some of the global event names definitely tell you what has happened or (more unfortunately for new mercenaries) what WILL happen.

As an example, say I (the shopkeeper) want to send you on an errand to deal with some rogue vermlings who are intercepting deliveries to my shop. One of the requirements would be Global Event: “The Shop Burns Down” is Incomplete.

… I mean… that’s great that it hasn’t burnt down yet, but it kinda tells you that it will eventually.

My advice for this is to download Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker. All you need to do is put in which locations you’ve unlocked on your map and it’ll let you know what campaigns you have available, and which ones you need to wait a lil’ while longer before you can attempt. It won’t tell you why or when or what, but once you’ve completed the requirements it’ll letcha know.

Screenshot of Gloomhaven Tracker showing scenarios that are unlocked, unavailable, completed, and blocked. Great for avoiding spoilers.

Steel yourself against temptation and you’ll have a lot more fun on the journey.

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